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Cult of Chucky Torrent 2017 Full HD Movie Download

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Name: Cult of Chucky English Movie
Release : 2017
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Category: Hollywood
Language: English
Quality: 720p BlueRay
File Size: 713.76 MB
IMDb Rating: IMDb

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Cult of Chucky is a 2017 American supernatural Horror thriller film written and directed by Don Mancini, who is the Child’s Play franchise’s creator and sole writer to date. The seventh installment of the franchise, following the 2013 film Curse of Chucky, it stars Brad Dourif as Chucky, with a supporting cast of Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, Jennifer Tilly and Summer H. Howell – all of whom are returning cast members from the previous six installments. The film began production in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in January 2017. The film will be released with an additional unrated version set to be distributed by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment via Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on October 3, 2017. It premiered on August 24 at the Fright Festival in London. An adult Andy Barclay returns home after a bad date and is revealed to have Chucky’s head, which is still conscious and deformed after being repeatedly tortured by Andy in retribution for his crimes. Meanwhile, Nica Pierce has spent the past four years in a mental institution after being framed by Chucky for the murder of her family. After years of intense therapy she now believes she was responsible for the murders and that Chucky was just a manifestation of her psychosis. As a result of her “breakthrough”, her doctor, Dr. Foley, has her transferred to a medium security mental institution. After arriving, Nica becomes part of a regular group therapy session, which is composed of Michael, who is actually named Malcolm and is revealed to have multiple identity disorder, Angela, an old woman who believes herself to be dead, Claire, a woman who burned her house down and Madeleine, a disturbed patient who smothered her infant son to death. Dr. Foley introduces a new therapy technique which involves a Good Guy doll to the group. Most of the patients are deeply unsettled by the doll except for Madeleine, who takes the doll and treats it as her baby.


Cult of Chucky Torrent 2017 Download

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